Alex Subers' Website

Client: Alex Subers

When: May 2015

Where: Philadelphia, Pa

Platform: WordPress CMS

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My brother Alex, a recent graduate of University of Rhode Island, spent a lot of time as a photographer for the school newspaper. I thought it would be wise of him to have a website to feature his best work, instead of sending everyone to his flickr account. We worked together to strategize an approach, select photos, and write content. Shortly after the site went live, Alex was able to pull it up on an iPad during an interview to show his work. It assisted him in landing the position.

Rough sketches over a couple of beers

Being that Alex is my brother, I had him come over my apartment to brainstorm with a few brews. We were able to sketch out different options for displaying photos, and eventually land on the layout.

Helicopter Interface wireframe
alex subers entertainment photos