Golf Galaxy Dashboard Redesign Concept

Client: Spec

When: July 2015

Where: Los Angeles, Ca

Platform: Adobe Illustrator

Icons: Lynny Icon Set

View Bootstrap Prototype

As a designer, I always want to improve things. I will take any opportunity to make something better, even if it doesn’t directly impact me. This instinct of mine kicked in one afternoon while at Golf Galaxy, when I caught a glimpse of a dashboard employees use to manage orders. The UI was scattered and lacked order. There was much room for improvement. I set out to design a new version, with customer information integrated so sale associates could make informed recommendations. This is based on the customers buying history as well as swing performance data gathered by the indoor driving range simulator.

Original Interface

Color, spacing, structure and heirarchy were a few of the problems I saw with this design.

Original Golf Galaxy Dashboard

Sketched ideas

I quickly sketched ideas on paper to help me zero in good options, as well as get rid of the bad ones.

golf galaxy dashboard sketches