Hollister Creative

Position: Web Designer

Art Direction: Heidi Karl

When: January 2014 - June 2015

Where: Bryn Mawr, PA

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Over the past year at Hollister Creative, I have gained experience in designing, managing projects and building websites. In addition, I’ve had the opportunity to build Wordpress template sites and make changes to custom websites involving html, css and php modifications. 

I have been included in the production process from stake holder meetings to launch, making sure the project briefs are completely fulfilled. 

On a regular basis, I communicate with web development teams on prioritizing tasks for project completion. Additionally, I have assisted in streamlining the development process regarding web design by adding and removing steps, as well as facilitating clearer communication between the development and design teams. This has resulted in better websites for our clients in a shorter period of time.

CCI Outplacement Website

This website was built using a WordPress theme. I modified the theme's grid, breakpoints and typography by writing custom CSS.

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outplacement website homepage outplacement website subpage

MCC Plugin

Working in tandem with a web developer, we built a WordPress plugin as a way of prototyping an idea. After I sketched and created wireframes, I supplied them to the developer so he could start building. While he was building the structure, I worked on designing high fidelity layouts. It was a quick and iterative cycle.

sketching user flow of mcc plugin
mcc plugin wireframes

Smith Flooring Website

Though built using a WordPress theme, this website has many custom features I created. The angled and tabbed menu was built using CSS3 transform, as well as changing the background color and padding on the li element. This created a unique look that ties in with the companies logo.

smithflooring website smithflooring website smithflooring website mobile

Guardian Nurses Website

A main objective of the Guardian Nurses redesign was to showcase the value Guardian Nurses can provide to businesses and Unions. It was critical that the website addressed the needs of the customer (the person with the buying decision), as well as the end user (their employee).

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Guardian Nurses Website wireframes Guardian Nurses Website homepage Guardian Nurses Website blog Guardian Nurses Website contact page Guardian Nurses Website contact page

Trouble Shooting

If you were to walk by my computer, Chrome's developers tools were most likely open. I used them, along with other tools like google page insights and yahoo YSlow, to debug, iterate and improve website performance.

pac website blog