University of the Arts - Continuing Education

Course: Designing Effective Web Pages

When: October 2014 - December 2014

Where: Philadelphia, Pa

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For the semester-long project, each student was assigned a company and a wireframe in addition to having the requirement to use the CSS framework Skeleton to build their site. Once we did research on our individually assigned industry, we were allowed to modify the wireframe to accommodate the content we would be displaying.

One problem that I found with my designated wireframe was the line length - it would extend beyond the ideal range for measure. In order to ensure readability was maintained, I added a sidebar with some important information that would be useful to the company’s client base.

By absorbing the curriculum that was presented in lectures, studying the topics in his own time, managing his time effectively, successfully working through the assignments, and following up all assignments with compelling questions and comments, Ben has proven he understands the concepts and practical application of the topics presented in the course

- Course Instructor, Anthony Robertson

Wrote code in Sublime Text Editor

Starting from a blank slate, I wrote the entire web page in Sublime.

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natural hands mockup