Usability and User Experience Course

Course: Usability + User Experience

When: February 2015 - April 2015

Where: Philadelphia, Pa

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In order to get some hands on experience in Usability and User Experience, I took it upon my self to enroll in a continuing education course at University of the arts in Philadelphia. The course went over the fundamentals of Usability and UX, and then had students apply what was learned by redesigning a Philadelphia based taxi app.

Research and Personas

After conducting research on who the target users were, current pain points and tasks that were trying to be completed, we developed personas. Once these were created, we frequently looked backed on them to make sure we were keeping these people in mind.

uarts project personas

User Flow

In a collaborative class room setting, we used the whiteboard to map out the various flows in the app. I then refined it and adjusted it to suit my particular solution.

uarts project personas
uarts userflow

Sketching before software

Before touching Adobe Illustrator, I spent a good amount of time sketching. This allowed me to quickly ideate different solutions.

uarts app sketches

First round of Wireframes and testing

Once I created all of the necessary screens, I built a prototype in InVision so I could test my design. One issue that surfaced during the initial round of user testing was the hamburger menu. No one clicked it. I decided to rethink the menu items, and then display what was absolutely needed in a bottom bar.

uarts wireframes v01

Informed changes from user testing

Once I had a direction to go in, I jumped into illustrator to tweak my initial design. Navigation through the app significantly increased.

uarts wireframes

Final InVision Prototype

The ability to link screens and add interaction was extremely beneficial. It allowed me to quickly and easily make changes that ultimately lead to a more usable and enjoyable product.

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uarts project personas